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Things to know before you Sign up any Account

Ever wondered why and how do you get so many spam calls, emails in your mobile phone, it’s because we just feed the sites with our details for free by signing up via Google accounts in every other site because it takes too long to go through the long process of signing up which is filing up all those personal details again and again in every other site. A few easy steps to save time and to save yourself from a long process of signing up makes you more prone to cyber threats, it makes your personal data such as your banking details and other social media details prone to be misused via lack of security.s

It’s better to spend some time and sign up separately rather than logging in directly using your google account, as it is well-said precaution is better than cure, it is better to take some precaution while entering your personal details in every other site, Google doesn’t take responsibility of your security after you yourself are feeding your personal details in every random site. One more major mistake we do after logging in is we allow google to remember the passwords which we have just entered, and also by keeping a similar password to every other login which makes all your accounts prone to cyber threats.

Fingerprint passwords exist for a reason, it exists because it is well aware of human nature of having similar passwords for every other site, these days even bank account application to have fingerprint passwords because that is something which can’t be stolen, so it’s better to have both pin code and fingerprint password for your important applications.

Below are some do’s and don’t which you can keep in mind before signing up for various sites:

  • The first and foremost thing is to have a unique password i.e., try not to have a similar password for each and every site.
  • You can also opt to have case sensitive passwords which are a combination of upper, lower, numeric and special characters, such as $Pc!123
  • Best way to have a password which you can remember is to choose something which you love/hate to do or watch, I remember my friends used to have passwords of cartoon characters which they hate because we usually share about those things which we love.
    Don’t :
  • Never have made your mobile number, date of birth, parents, siblings, girlfriends names as your password, that’s total foolishness.
  • Never share your passwords or save in your PC even if it's your personal device, you would never recognize who could misuse the same.

In the period of lockdown, most of the firms are using zoom app in order to connect to their employees and clients which has recently found out about some malware, therefore cyber coordination center (Cycord) of ministry has issued some guidelines in order to use zoom safely as it provides good easy features to have a smooth meeting with a large number of people.

Here are complete guidelines to be followed while using zoom:

  • Create a new id and password for each meeting which you are going to attend.
  • Create a waiting room as well so that no one can be allowed until and unless the host permits to enter into the meeting.
  • You should not forget to disable the ‘JOIN’ feature before hosting a meeting.
  • Allow screen sharing only by host,
  • Also, disable to ‘rejoin’ feature of participants who have been removed.
  • Do not forget to disable file transfer, which is the key feature of malicious in zoom.
  • You can also lock the meeting when all the participants have joined.
  • Also, restrict the recording feature,
  • And do not forget to end the meeting if you are the host.

As you are working from home you must follow below-mentioned tips to be safe:
Anti-virus software the most important thing during work from home is to have anti-virus software in your PC because cyber threats are more usual and frequent at this time than usual. It prevents malware from your personal employer’s system.

Secured network and VPN Make sure you have a secure and encrypted network with a password, if you are using VPN then your data can’t be accessed by any other party, mostly used to secure when you are using public WiFi connection.

Beware of fake COVID-19 mails Avoid opening links or emails related to COVID-19 which might be fake and could be a link to access your personal data. Better safe than sorry.

Oversharing screen Avoid oversharing your screens as it might end up into something awkward which could have been easily avoided if you just had concentrated in the meeting rather than typing in other sites. Make sure other tabs are closed while you are in online meetings.

Avoid sharing personal data Try to avoid personal details through messages or through social media, its really hard time, consequences of which are irreversible, it's better to be cautious rather than being a by taking things lightly, I am sure many of you must have not experienced any such thing but is really hard to cope up with consequences of cybercrime, many people have lost lots of money due to carelessness and losing money is something big in this type of crisis where there is a war against life. It's better to be ensured than regretting later.

This lockdown has also made people binge-watch with the help of many amazing apps such as amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and many more. Although they are safe in terms of security but do not forget to follow do’s and don’t while signing up in these sites as most of the population is busy spending time through binge-watching via these apps but some people busy in gathering your personal information in order to gain personal profits. But you can save yourself from these cyber-crimes by just following a few precautionary steps. It's better to be safe rather than becoming a victim in such a difficult time.